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Hello, I live in the center!

Two years ago everyone screamed: The far right is out of touch with “real” America! Now everyone is screaming: The far left is out of touch with “real” America! I don’t know about you, but I live in the center! Unfortunately there is no place for the “center” because American politics deals in extremes. You have to be either liberal or conservative. Why? Because that plays better on 24 hour news networks. Plus extremes excite the base of each party. They are the ones motivated enough to vote. Mostly because they hate everything about the opposing party.

On Fox I get to watch Bill O’Reilly be a bully and call people “Pinheads”. On MSNBC I get to watch Keith Olberman be a bully and call people “The Worst Person In The World”. I wonder if either of them actually believe the crap that spew from their own mouths every night, or are they just playing to the audience? (rhetorical question…I already know the answer) But where does that get us?


From now on I think I’ll watch CNN….boring but most of the time they don’t seem to take a side. Just give me the news.


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